Sponsor Training


We have been delivering training for Project Sponsors and Business Owners since 2010. The latest iteration of our Sponsor Training materials has been delivered to roughly seventy people in the last twelve months. 


We currently offer two half day training courses:

  • Project Sponsorship Essentials 
  • Working with Project Sponsors

Details of our Project Sponsorship Essentials Course can be downloaded via the link below. Contact us for the latest information on Working with Project Sponsors.


Illustrative Assignments


  • For the UK operations of the asset management division of a financial services organisations we ran over a dozen courses over a six month period. The courses involved both senior business managers and project managers in groups of ten to fifteen. The course focussed on ways of working for project sponsors and how they might maximise their contribution to the project process.
  • For an investment management company, trained nearly sixty members of the management team in a sponsor masterclass.
  • For a UK based investment manager, trained a mixed group of project and business people in ways of working. 


Course Dates


Contact us for more details.